Calamari Rings£6.20
Classic Prawn Cocktail£6.50
Grilled Halloumi Cheese with Sweet Chilli Sauce£6.20
Battered Halloumi Cheese with Sweet Chilli Sauce£4.50
3 Chicken Strips with Sweet Chilli Sauce£5.20

Our Fried Fish

All of our fish are from sustainable sources, delivered on a daily basis and freshly prepared in our crispy golden homemade batter
Cod FilletMedium £11.30
Large £13.95
Rock (Huss) FilletMedium £11.45
Large £13.05
Haddock Fillet£13.05
Plaice Fillet£12.95
Middle Cut of Skate£14.95
Wing of SkateMedium £11.50
Large £14.45
Cod Roe in Batter (2)£8.50
Whole Tail Scampi£10.95

All served with a choice of chips, new potatoes or jacket potato (For salad instead £1.00 extra)

Fish Burger & Chips2 cod strips, lettuce, gherkin and tartar sauce£7.95
Cod Roe & Chips£6.95
Fishcake & Chips£6.95
Seafood Basket & ChipsCod chunks, butterfly prawns, salt and pepper squid, squid ring and scampi£10.95

Our Grilled Fish

We season our fish with paprika, sea salt, cracked black pepper and serve it with a lemon and herb butter sauce
Cod Fillet£12.85
Haddock Fillet£14.50
Plaice Fillet£13.50
Middle Cut of Skate£15.95
Wing of Skate£15.50
Fillet of Salmon£12.95
Seabass Fillets£14.95

All served with a choice of chips, new potatoes or jacket potato and garden peas (For salad instead £1.00 extra)

From the Grill

All Day Breakfast2 eggs, 2 bacon, 1 jumbo sausage, baked beans, grilled tomatoes, slice of toast & a cup of tea or coffee£9.50
Islanders Mixed Grill2 eggs, 2 bacon, 1 jumbo sausage, liver, 4oz burger, grilled tomatoes & chips£9.95
Piggy Bag GrillGammon steak, 1 egg, pineapple, grilled tomatoes & chips£9.50
Canvey Grill2 eggs, 2 sausage, chips, peas or beans£7.95
Dutch Grill2 spam, 1 egg, grilled tomatoes, chips, peas or beans£8.95
1/4 Roast Chicken LegServed with chips, peas or beans£8.95
1/4 Roast Chicken BreastServed with chips, peas or beans£9.95
1/2 Roast ChickenServed with chips, peas or beans£11.95
Island GrillSpam fritter, chips, peas or beans£8.50
Liver & Bacon with Fried Onions, Chips, Peas & Gravy£10.95
Breast Meat Chicken Curry & Rice£10.95

Islander 100% Beef Burgers

Toasted sesame seed buns filled with lettuce, tomatoes, pickled gherkins, onions, and a sauce of your choice
1/4 Pounder£7.20
1/4 Pounder with Cheese£7.80
1/2 Pounder£8.50
1/2 Pounder with Cheese & Salad£9.20
8oz Aberdeen Angus Burger£11.20
Add Egg or Bacon£1.10

Quickies & Snacks

Jumbo Sausage (Plain or Battered) or Saveloy & Chips£5.85
Saveloy & Chips£5.85
Pancake Roll & Chips£5.85
Baked Beans, Cheese or Egg on Toast£3.60
Bacon or Sausage in a Roll£3.60
1 Southern Fried Chicken & Chips£4.35
2 Southern Fried Chicken & Chips£6.95
3 Southern Fried Chicken & Chips£8.35
Southern Fried Chicken Strip WrapWith salad and mayonnaise or sweet chilli sauce & chips£9.60
Battered Steak Chicken Burger & Chips£8.60

Jacket Potatoes

Simply Plain with Butter£4.10
Beans or Cheddar Cheese£5.95
Cheddar Cheese & Beans£6.50
Sausage & Beans£6.50
Prawns with Mary Rose Sauce£7.75
Tuna, Sweetcorn & Mayo£7.25

All served with salad garnish


Steak & Kidney Pie£7.95
Minced Beef & Onion£7.95
Chicken & Mushroom£7.95
All Steak£7.95

All served with chips, peas or beans

Super Salads

Our salads are made up of crispy leaf, iceberg lettuce, sliced cucumber, tomatoes, onion, beetroot, homemade coleslaw and classic vinaigrette
Cheddar Cheese£8.75
Flame Grilled Marinated Butterfly Chicken Breast£10.15
Grilled Halloumi Cheese£9.50

Vegetarian Meals

1/4 Veggie Burger with Cheese & Salad£6.00
Vegetarian Omelette£9.25
Vegetable Spring Roll and Chips£5.95
Grilled Halloumi Cheese and SaladServed either in a burger bun or wrap£8.25

Sides & Extras

Mushy Peas£1.90
Garden Peas£1.90
Baked Beans£1.90
Grilled Tomatoes£1.55
Extra Sausage£2.50
New Potatoes£2.55
Spicy Potatoes£4.55
Side Salad£4.30
Onion Rings£2.50
Curry Sauce£1.70
Bread Roll£0.80
Pickled Onions£0.60
Bread & Butter£0.50 per slice

Kiddies Corner (Little Islanders)

Children under 15
Cod Fillet & Chips£5.90
Banger, Chips & Beans£4.50
Cowboy’s Choice (Burger in a Bun, Chips & Beans)£5.80
4 Chicken Nuggets & Chips£5.80

All served with fruit juice

Ice Cream£3.50

Devilish Desserts

Deep Filled Traditional Apple Pie with Custard£5.50
Chocolate Fudge Cake with Cream or Ice Cream£5.95
Treacle Sponge with Custard£5.50
Traditional Banana Split£5.95
Strawberry or Chocolate Sundae£5.70
Classic Knickerbocker Glory£5.95
Chocolate Pudding with Cream or Ice Cream£5.95
Sticky Toffee Pudding£5.50

Hot Beverages

Traditional Tea£1.50
Lemon Tea£1.50
Freshly Ground Coffee (Black or White)£1.80
Hot Chocolate£2.90

Cold Beverages

Mineral Water£1.60
Selection of Soft Drinks£1.80
Selection of Juice£2.20
Fantastic Thick ShakesVanilla, strawberry, chocolate, banana, butterscotch, black cherry, caramel,
blueberry and other flavours, please check for any new flavours

Alcoholic Beverages

KeoCyprus Beer£4.20
KoppabergPear or mixed fruits£4.80


House Special White125ml Glass £3.50
250ml Glass £4.60
Bottle £15.60
House Special Red125ml Glass £3.50
250ml Glass £4.60
Bottle £15.60
Gallo White Zinfandel125ml Glass £4.00
250ml Glass £4.50
Bottle £15.00